This is Simon's JOGLE Day 1 notes. The ride from John O'Groats to Dingwall.

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Our lodging was a hostel with bunk beds right near John O'Groats - so we all cycled down to the sign to get a photo just before we started.


Looking at the weather report it should have been a very wet and windy day - as it turned out, it was not - it was cold, yes - about 10-15 degrees centigrade - but it only rained a little and the wind was fierce.

After a few small hills different groups formed, and I ended up with Nick, though of course every now and again he needed to stop to check for messages on his phone.


And as we headed south some of the scenery was just lovely with great open views.

With the odd cyclist...


and 'Kirk'...

Jackie and Roger dropped by with water and supplies to keep us going - portable feed station!

And did I say the views were just great?

We even got some blue sky.


So the first day was done. It was just great cycling all day with the sea in view.

Not too much climbing....

And the hotel is just lovely.

So the stats: cycled 109 miles, ave. speed 13.9 mph, 7:45 hrs on the bike, climbed 6,450 feet, ave. temp 12.1 centigrade.

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